Binaural Beats: Harmonic Convergence – Six Disc CD Set 


This 6 CD audio set incorporates binaural beats: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Theta. Also included on 5 of the discs are the harmonious and soothing sounds of real nature recordings. Each disc has a corresponding theme associated with earth’s natural bounty of aural gifts.


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Binaural Beats: Harmonic Convergence – Six Disc CD Set 

Harmonic Convergence celebrates the synergistic energies of the universe, the name also relates to the binaural beats recorded on these tracks, binaural beats converge to create one symbiotic auditory experience. This phenomenon works best with headphones, so it is highly recommended that you utilize a quality pair of stereo headphones to experience the full effects.

This 6 CD audio set incorporates binaural beats: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Theta. Also included on 5 of the discs are the harmonious and soothing sounds of real nature recordings. Each disc has a corresponding theme associated with earth’s natural bounty of aural gifts.

Relax with over 6 hours of premium audio content and breathtaking natural soundscapes, featuring sounds of rain, thunderstorms, rainforests and flowing waters.

DISC 1 – Alpha Oceans (ALPHA)

DISC 2 – Beta Forest (BETA)

DISC 3 – Gamma Rainforest (GAMMA)

DISC 4 – Theta Dreams (THETA)

DISC 5 – Delta Cosmos (DELTA)

DISC 6 – Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Theta and Delta (Binaural Beats Music Tracks)

Each audio disc presents between 15-20 minutes of binaural beat music therapy accompanied by approximately 40-50 minutes of naturescape recordings. Disc 6, included as a special bonus, contains only the binaural music tracks: alpha, beta, gamma, delta and theta. This is included for times when you only want the binaural beat music.

Sound therapy is a proven way to reduce stress and anxiety, studies have shown marked improvement when utilizing such therapies. We have painstakingly optimized sound quality to ensure a rich listening experience, our discs are produced using high quality archival level audio discs and mastered using professional audio mixing software.

Utilize binaural beats as a sleep aid, study aid, concentration aid, meditation aid, therapeutic aid and more. Reduce stress and anxiety by centering yourself and basking in the aural experience.

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What are the brainwaves?

Buried deep in the root of all our thoughts, behaviors and instinctual emotional responses are communications between neurons within our human brains. Brainwaves are the result of masses of neurons firing off electrical pulses in an attempt to communicate with each other. Brainwaves change according to what we’re feeling or presently doing. It’s entirely more complex than this but essentially the easiest way to understand is to refer to them as musical notes on a scale, there are high frequencies and there are low frequencies each attributed with different emotional and physical responses. Our brainwaves rapidly change depending on what we’re doing and feeling. Lower frequencies can make you feel tired, dreamy or sluggish where higher frequencies can make you feel wired, alert or hyper. Brainwaves are measured in Hertz (cycles per second).

What do binaural beat brainwaves do? 

Binaural beats can alter brainwave function which allows your body to do certain things.

They help with relaxation, meditation, sleep and many other things. They will not make things happen, they will get your brain into the state required for those things. As an example, you can listen to a Theta binaural beat to help you dream lucidly, but it won’t make you dream lucidly, it will only help to get your brain into the state required to achieve it with minimal effort. Some people have trouble with anxiety or trouble sleeping and for things like that, I believe they can help. (Always consult your doctor prior to starting a new therapy program.)

Binaural beats are said to:

  • reduce anxiety
  • increase focus and concentration
  • lower stress
  • increase relaxation
  • foster positive moods
  • promote creativity
  • help manage pain

Which Binaural Beats Brainwaves Should I Listen To?       

  • Binaural beats in the delta (1 to 4 Hz) have been linked to deep sleep and relaxation.
  • Binaural beats in the theta (4 to 8 Hz) are linked to REM sleep, reduced anxiety, relaxation, as well as meditative and creative states.
  • Binaural beats in the alpha frequencies (8 to 13 Hz) are thought to encourage relaxation, promote positivity, and decrease anxiety.
  • Binaural beats in the lower beta frequencies (14 to 30 Hz) have been linked to increased concentration and alertness, problem solving, and improved memory.

Are Binaural Beats Scientifically Proven? 

One blind study in 29 people found that listening to binaural beats in the beta range (16 and 24 Hz) could be associated with both improved performance on a given task as well as a reduction in negative moods compared to listening to binaural beats in the theta and delta (1.5 and 4 Hz) range.

Another study asked eight adults to listen to a binaural beat CD with delta (1 to 4 Hz) beat frequencies for 60 days straight. The participants filled out surveys before and after the 60-day period that asked questions about their mood and quality of life. The results of the study found that listening to binaural beats for 60 days significantly reduced anxiety and increased the overall quality of life of these participants. Since the study was small, uncontrolled, and relied on patient surveys to collect data, larger studies will be needed to confirm these effects.

One larger and more recent randomized and controlled trial looked at the use of binaural beats in 291 different patients admitted to the emergency room department at a hospital. Researchers observed significant decreases in anxiety levels in patients exposed to audio with embedded binaural beats compared to those who listened to audio without binaural beats or no audio at all (headphones only).

(To review these studies search for Healthline Binaural Beats)

What are the Different Binaural Beat Brainwaves?

ALPHA – Alpha brainwaves are noted as the most prevalent during voiceless and flowing thoughts, and during some meditative states. Alpha is regarded to as ‘the power of now’, being here, in the present state. Alpha is usually the resting state for the brain. These brainwaves are believed to aid overall mental coordination, concentration, calmness, alertness, mind/body integration and learning.

BETA – Beta brainwaves are prevalent during our normal waking state of consciousness when attention is directed towards specific mindful tasks and interaction with the outside world. Beta is a ‘rapid or fast’ activity, its mostly present when we are alert, attentive, cognitively engaged in critical thinking, problem solving, judgment, decision making, or other focused mental activities.

GAMMA – Gamma brainwaves rapidly and quietly pass/process information. The Gamma brainwave is probably the most subtle of the brainwave frequencies. Gamma was originally dismissed as just ‘white noise’ until researchers discovered it was highly active when in states of universal love, altruism, and the ‘higher virtues’.

DELTA – Delta brainwaves are described as slow, loud brainwaves (deeply penetrating with a low frequency, kind of like the beat of a drum). They are typically generated in deep meditation and states like dreamless sleep. Delta waves shelve external awareness and are the source of emotional instincts like empathy. Healing and regeneration are piqued in this important Delta state, and this is why deep and restorative slumber is so essential to the body’s healing processes.

THETA – Theta brainwaves occur most often in sleep but are also dominant in deep meditation. Theta is our gateway to  memory, active learning and intuitiveness. In the theta state we dream; vivid imagery, intuition and information beyond our typical conscious awareness. Theta is where we hold onto our ‘things’, our deepest fears, troubled past, and our nightmares.

Do you have to use Headphones for Binaural Beats to work?

Put simply, yes. These are often regarded to as auditory illusions for the phenomenon to occur properly you need to use stereo headphones, each ear hears a different frequency and these two different frequencies converge and your brain perceives them as one new frequency. Using speakers is not advised as the effect is either diminished or might not work at all, use quality stereo headphones for the best experience.

Are MP3s included with my purchase? 

No, due to licensing deals I cannot offer MP3 versions of this CD set. This CD set is for personal enjoyment only.

The music portions of this meditation audio CD set are the licensed and copyrighted works of Rebecca Reads. Rebecca has been composing music for over 15 years, we are so thankful for the opportunity to present her compositions in this beautifully mastered CD set.


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